Hey! I'm Kelly Mersereau
and I am a Full Stack Web Developer.

What I love most about coding is that it is a constant challenge. The technologies are always growing, changing and advancing so you have to always be learning and adapting. The idea of working on something for hours and days on end and then being able to see the result of that hard work, is something that is super important to me. Full Stack Development gives me the ability to be innovative, analytical, creative, and solve problems in a practical and efficient way and that is all I have ever wanted to find in a career.

When I'm not coding you can find me flailing my body at concerts, singing Bohemian Rhapsody at karaoke bars, doing the robot, driving around listening to my "get the hell out of here" playlist, and chilling with my cats and new puppy. (Charlie Oliver Skiidz, Mike the Cat and Sadie).



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My Work

three card poker

Three Card Poker

An interactive online Three Card Poker game using Node.js, express, MySQL, handlebars, NPM Package control, MVC/ORM.

Github Site

spur of the moment

Spur of the Moment

A music event locator app - using HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, JavaScript, jQuery, AJAX, APIs.

Github Site


Giphy Search

A TV Show Gif App - using HTML, CSS, Javascript, jQuery, Giphy API

Github Site



An online storefront / command line app - using MySQL, Prompt, Javascript and Node.js


liri node

Liri-Node App

A command line node app - using Javascript, jQuery, Prompt, fs, Request, Twitter API, Spotify API, OMDB API


Contact me!

Don't hesitate to contact me to provide any feedback on my work, inquire about potential work, or just to say hello and chat!